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Once the product details are finalized and key components are selected, our supply development experts begin their sourcing activities*. We work closely with your technical team to ensure that all product specifications are documented and ready for manufacturer’s review.

By leading and advising your team, we shorten the supply development schedule by months; ensuring the procurement lead-time of materials and components meets the accelerated production schedule.

We get your product to market faster for your sales team to shake up the industry with your latest innovation.

Unbeatable Asian Sourcing & Manufacturing Knowledge

Avoid long delays and high opportunity costs with unqualified manufacturers who are incapable of delivering on product quality, and overcommit on capacity and priority for your product.

Take advantage of the transparency we offer in our supply chain to select the key suppliers that match your product and forecast business requirements, so that you can outperform the industry leaders on price and time-to-market.

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